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It's just like this is so easy and that's the kind of friendships that I like . We love friendships . Everybody give it up .

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Because I love the dynamic between you and Joe and I hope Lou is not interfering with that . You can have many friendships in life . And as long as you understand that we're not supposed to be identical , not each relationship is supposed to be measured equally .

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OK . New friendships . I love it .

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So tell me a bit how , um oh , that was definitely one of the positives of this season is I got to explore new friendships and that's really where people stepped up for me , regardless of what was going on . And that's , um , that's what a true friendship is like regardless of the circumstance you show up for that person . And I really felt that from some and um a very , very appreciative and as well as the fans , I've been overwhelmed with all the people that have reached out and , and just shared their stories .

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He was like , well determine what you guys want to be together . And I think we decided that we wanted to work on our friendship . So we did .